Hockey IQ Jamboree (2021) - 3

by Jan Antons

About the Jamboree

On Sunday January 31st, 2021 the Thompson Blazers will host the third Hockey IQ Jamboree. All three teams in our organization will come together in 2 groups and take a deep dive into practice to game transfer. Don Hay, the winningest coach in Western Hockey League history and Terry Bangen Former NHL Assistant coach and Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame inductee will lead a day of coach mentoring. By splitting the U18 / U16 / U15 teams evenly into two groups players will have an opportunity to be both leaders and teachers during thier extended practice sessions. Each group will be involved in 2 hours of a mix of on-ice instruction and practice to game transfer scenarios through small area games.

Our aim is to provide the best possible environment for learning and growth to occur.


The groups for sunday are listed below.

Group A Ice: 2:15 PM - 4:00 PM
Group B Ice: 4:45 PM - 6:30 PM

Group A

Group A ForwardsGroup A DefenceGroup A Goalies
18 Sanders4 Mynio35 Pascoe
7 Gartrell6 Wooley
24 Murray2 Grishin
17 Trevelyan

8 Clark

73 Mayes76 Clarke29 Mooney
75 DeHoog77 Smoluk
82 Kehl2 Fillipone
90 Parrell

74 Martin

72 Blackstock

8  Fisher4 Evans1 Vininsky
22 Westerby16 Mead
9 Mayes

17 Field

24 Sirianni-Smith

23 Dimopoulos

Group B

Group B ForwardsGroup B DefenceGroup B Goalies
22 Gayfer19 Fleming30 Smith
11 Preymak16 Coray1 Day
9 Haight23 Leggett
15 Osborne

12 Milburn

88 Tsadilas84 Howe31 Leggett
71 McRae81 Bulmer
91 Schmid86 Birks
79 Green83 Zulyniak
89 Krug

10 Gayfer18 Eichenberger35 Lewis
19 Fuoco14 Harrison
15 Kinee5 Malinsky-Triska
20 Duff

12 Coates