ID Camps - Intent to participate

by Jan Antons


BC Hockey is preparing for the 2021-2022 BC Hockey AAA Leagues season, and registration is NOW OPEN for players who intend to participate in a BC Hockey AAA Program Identification (ID) Camp. Although we are hopeful that these AAA programs will hold ID Camps as usual in the spring, the dates of the ID Camps this year are not yet known. We will be watching the Public Health information closely and we will set camp dates as soon as permitted. BC Hockey is therefore opening the registration for intent to participate in a BC Hockey AAA Program ID Camp. Completing this registration form will insure that you receive the most up to date information and are contacted directly when there are any updates regarding the camps.  Please be advised that the 2021-2022 BC Hockey AAA ID Camps will have a cost of $300.00, however, at this time BC Hockey will not be collecting a registration fee. Once we have clarity on when the ID Camps may take place, we will contact each registrant and provide further information about camp dates, payment, and other details. 

Male Registration

Please see below for FAQs regarding ID Camps as BC Hockey aims to follow all safety and health protocols in accordance with the Provincial Health Office. We thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.


Q: How does the AAA ID Camp process work?

A: CLICK HERE for the evaluation process policies for all the AAA programs.


Q: How do I know what zone I am eligible to participate in?

A: You can find a full breakdown of BC Hockey AAA draw zones here.


Q: When will AAA ID Camps take place?

A: Once the Provincial Heath guidelines allow for adequate travel and gatherings to facilitate a camp.


Q: Do I have to participate in a AAA ID Camp to participate in AAA programming?

A: All players who wish to participate in AAA programming must complete an evaluation process to be considered for a AAA roster. The ID Camp is the primary evaluation process for all players.


Q: What if I can’t attend my zones AAA ID Camp?

A: If a player is unable to attend a AAA ID Camp, the participant must contact the AAA coordinator for a try-out exemption. If the player is successful in being granted a try-out exemption, the participant will work with their zone's general manager to coordinate an evaluation.


Q: What is the structure of the camp going to be?

A: ID Camp structure will depend on the provincial health guidelines at the time of the camp. It is our goal to offer every participant the best opportunity possible to be evaluated.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call the BC Hockey office at 250-652-2978.